Guide To Cleaning Your Fidget Spinner

How To Clean a Fidget Spinner

So, you’ve accepted that you’re officially a fidget spinner addict and you own all the different kinds and have mastered all the tricks. So, what now? Well now that you’re a true master of the fidget spinner it’s time to start taking care of your spinners and making sure they keep that beautiful spin for […]

Everything You Need To Know About Fidget Spinner Bearings

Fidget Spinner Ball Bearing

Anyone who knows anything about fidget spinners and how they work, knows that it’s all about the ball bearings. From what makes that perfect glide so smooth to the science behind the whole thing, the ball bearing attachment of the fidget spinner is where it’s at. But what’s really important to know about that ball […]

How To Stay Focused And Improve Concentration

How To Focus and Concentrate

Maybe you sit at a desk all day or maybe you just can’t stay on task to save your life, whatever it is, chances are you’re having a hard time focusing lately. It’s proven though that one of the things that separates us mere mortals and the super elite geniuses out there, is focus. And […]

Using Fidget Toys To Focus In Class

Fidget Spinners for Classroom

There’s been a lot of debate since the rise of the fidget spinner trend if fidget toys do more harm then good. Are they really helpful for focusing children? In alleviating ADHD symptoms? Or are they just disruptions? Well here’s the why, how and what of fidget toys for the classroom. Why kids can’t focus, […]

The Best Fidget Toys And How They Work

Best Fidget Toys

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, by this point you’ve heard of the fidget spinner and how it’s taking the world by storm. But did you know that fidget toys are nothing new? In fact, for years companies have been coming up with various toys that are meant to stop fidgeting, anxiety, and […]

Why You’re Fidgeting And How To Stop

How To Stop Fidgeting

Are you one of those people that no matter the scenario, just can’t stop moving? Do you have a habit of tapping your fingers through class or work? Well, this is fidgeting and it’s a small tick that many people around the world suffer from day in and day out. So why does this happen? […]

The Coolest Fidget Spinner Tricks

Coolest Fidget Spinner Tricks

So, you’ve just bought your first fidget spinner and you’re ready to become the master of the latest internet craze. But how do you become like those Facebook videos of dogs balancing three spinners on their noses? Well look no further because here you’ll find all the best and easiest fidget spinner tricks for beginners […]

How To Choose The Best Fidget Spinner

Choosing Best Fidget Spinner

How To Choose The Best Fidget Spinner If you’re reading this, you will have been swept up in the new craze that has taken the world by storm: fidget spinners. But what is this mystical new fad and how has it engrossed the population in such a huge way so quickly? Let’s find out. What […]

How Fidget Spinners Work

How Fidget Spinners Work

Whether you love fidget spinners and own a million different kinds or you’re just curious what the hype is all about, you’ve come to right place. Since the craze began a couple months ago, it’s not uncommon to see kids ages 5 to 25 spinning the toys around, they’re that trendy right now. If you […]

How To Choose The Best Fidget Cube

Choosing Best Fidget Cube

You’ve heard of fidget spinners; in fact, you may even own one. The fidget spinner craze has seen the population become engrossed in the therapeutic and stress-relieving benefits of this wonder-gadget. However, the craze is now evolving, and more products are being developed to help us with our productivity, concentration, and stress. What’s The Background […]